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If you are an author or publisher interested in having your book(s) featured on the Teaching for Change online bookstore, read our frequently asked questions for more information.  

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Book Selection Criteria and Review Process

Q. What criteria do you use to determine which books you will carry?

We use a combination of criteria to determine what titles we will carry. Books must be:

1) In line with the mission of Teaching for Change, a non-profit organization that promotes social justice starting in the classroom. Teaching for Change's online bookstore is Washington, D.C.'s best source for books that encourage children and adults to question, challenge, and re-think the world beyond the headlines. We carefully select titles to ensure access to:

  • Progressive politics, poetry and literature
  • Young adult fiction with real-world themes
  • Multicultural titles for pre-K-12 teachers and parents
  • Independent publishers
  • Works detailing a "people's history" - including that of African Americans, Latinos/as, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, labor activists, international populations, and women.

2) High-quality, in terms of both literary craft and the research/scholarship.


Q. Why is my book not featured on your webstore?

It could be that:

1) We do not know about it. We get most of our titles from a group of trusted independent publishers and their distributors. The sales reps and catalogs from these sources keep us up-to-date with new titles. If your book is self-published or from a corporate publisher, there would not have been a rep or catalog to introduce us to the book.

2) It did not meet our criteria (see above).


Q. What do I need to do to get my book featured by the Teaching for Change online bookstore?

Have your publisher send a review copy of your book to this address:

Teaching for Change 
1832 11th St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20001

Note that the review process may take four to six weeks. If we decide that the book is a good fit with our mission, we would prefer to buy the book directly from a book distributor or wholesaler, so please include the distribution information along with the book. We will accept review copies of books directly from authors, but we rarely buy books directly from them, preferring instead to use vendors in the publishing industry. If we decide to stock the book, we will contact the distributor directly. Also note that review copies will not be returned.

Click here for bookstore bill-to address. 

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Scheduling Book Events and Readings at Busboys and Poets

Q. How do I set up a book signing and/or reading?

Teaching for Change is no longer scheduling events at Busboys and Poets. Contact Politics and Prose to schedule events at Busboys and Poets (14th St.) 

Q. Can I have you sell books at a conference/event we're holding? Do you do in-person book sales at events? 

Yes, we do. Teaching for Change Bookstore is open to invitations to sell books at both D.C.-area and national progressive author events and conferences. Please include the following information whenmaking a request:

  • Date and time of event. (Generally, we prefer six to eight weeks notice to ensure we can order the book in time and coordinate staffing.)
  • Event location.
  • Author(s) and book title(s).
  • If and when author(s) are available for booksigning.
  • Expected attendence at the reading.
  • Flyer, invitation, or website (if available).

Send requests to:

Don Allen  - pubs [at] teachingforchange [dot] org


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Billing and Accounting

Q. Who do I contact regarding billing and accounts payable?

Accounts payable for book vendors is handled by Teaching for Change office staff. Send all invoices, credits and statements to:

Teaching for Change
PO Box 73038
Washington, D.C. 20056

Email: accounts [at] teachingforchange [dot] org
Phone: (800) 763-9131 ext. 26
Fax: (202) 238-0109
Include your Tax ID or Social Security number.

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