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About Rethinking Schools

Launched in 1986, Rethinking Schools is a nonprofit publisher working for equity and justice in public schools and the broader society. Major projects include:

  • Rethinking Schools, an award-winning quarterly magazine, unique among education publications. Edited by practicing and former pre-K-through-12 teachers with almost 200 years of combined classroom experience, it features a wide range of articles portraying some of this country’s finest social justice teaching. Other articles analyze the policies that help or hinder public education.
  • A series of books, providing practical examples of how to integrate social justice education into social studies, history, language arts and mathematics. They are used widely by new as well as veteran teachers and in teacher education programs. Every Rethinking Schools book grows out of diverse schools and classrooms throughout the country.
  • A website,, offering a wealth of resources on teaching for equity and justice, and making sense out of national education policy.


Rethinking Schools magazine

"Absolutely the best, most important education publication in the country... a gutsy, dynamic magazine that I have been reading now for 20 years." —Jonathan Kozol

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