Using a Purchase Order

If you need to order books for a class or for an entire school district, let Teaching for Change's dedicated publications staff fulfill your order. Whether they are books and materials in our online bookstore, or specially-requested titles, Teaching for Change can obtain the materials you need through our network of publishers and distributors. In addition, your purchase sustains our work to build social justice, starting in the classroom.

Four Page
Information Packet





Bids and Quotes

If you need a price quote on a potential order or are requesting bids, contact us and we can send you a quotation via e-mail or fax detailing the item cost and shipping charges.

Vendor Numbers for School Districts
We have vendor numbers with the following school districts:
Boston: #12938
Chicago: #26325
Jacksonville, FL: #41302
Knox County: #41302
Los Angeles: #134335
New York: #NET056000
Washington, D.C.: #521616482

If your school district is not listed here and requires a vendor number, call us at (800) 763-9131 and we will be happy to complete the necessary paperwork.

Methods of Payments
Purchase orders can be paid with an institutional check or credit card at the time of purchase. We can also send an invoice for the total amount. Invoices are net 30 unless otherwise negotiated.

Tax Information
Teaching for Change is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. Our Tax ID # is 52-1616482. A W-9 can be furnished upon request.


Steps to Placing a Purchase Order

Submitting a Purchase Order via fax, e-mail or postal service
Purchase orders must be on school or organization letterhead with contact and billing information.

Be sure to include a Purchase Order # or a Reference # should we need to call with any questions.

Also include a contact e-mail address so we can send you a Shipping Confirmation Notice and tracking information.

Submitting a Purchase Order Online
Our webstore now allows customers to submit their purchase orders online. Simply build a shopping cart, create an online account during checkout, and submit your order. Please note: We still require an official purchase order on school or organization letterhead to be submitted via fax or email. By creating an online account, you can review your order, see book price and details, request a price quote, and edit as needed.

Order Processing
Purchase orders are usually processed within 24 hours, depending on the size and volume. For large bulk quantity purchases, processing time may take up to two weeks or more. Please call with specific requests and quantities and we can get back to you with an anticipated ship date.

Shipping Your Order
When orders are shipped, we will send a Shipping Confirmation and Tracking Number(s) to the e-mail address provided.

Billing and Receipts
If you paid by check or credit card, a sales receipt will be included in the box. If you require that a copy of the sales receipt also be mailed to the business office or accounts payable, please indicate this in your purchase order.

If you are being invoiced, a copy of the invoice will be included with the shipment and a copy will be mailed to the business office, accounts payable or other indicated address. If you need multiple copies, please indicate this in your purchase order.

Contact Information
For additional questions and further information, feel free to contact us Monday through Friday, 9am-6pm EST.

PO Box 73038
Washington, D.C. 20056
Toll-Free: (800) 763-9131
Fax: (202) 238-0109